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Jimminni Juero Haun (Jim-in-ee) (Hoo-er-o) (Hon) is a 37 year old on Indiana Jones 2: Our Own Way.

First Discovered Edit

Jimminni was first found by Indy in a boat crash. Indy was walking on an island when he realizes the Hauns' boat will explode because of a rock. Jimminni's mother and father remained in the boat, while Indy jumped and grabbed Jimminni while Jimminni somehow grabbed onto him. His mother's last words were "Jimmini.....go...with...your....fre......". She died when she was about to say "friend". As they went on, the became the closest freinds. (Because Indy's best friend was the plane engineer from Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jock.)

Episode 1: The Secrets of the Hovitos Edit

After alot of walking, they got to The Cave of Darkness, where Satipo and Jock were waiting. Meanwhile.....

"I wish we could just....find the jewel and get outta here."

"Dont take too much advice, Haun."

"What?!?! You're crazy!"

"Haun, Haun, Haun."

"My name is Jimminni! Wait a minute...Hovitos Tribe.....I can speak Hovitos!

"Umm, okay...I mean...uhhhh....Jimminni?


"Oh, alright."

-Indy and Jimminni in The Cave of Darkness

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